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Quest for the 330 million gods ends here.

Everything you see and know, and everything you don't see and know are 99.99...9% space and the remaining 0.0...01% are just wave (mode of energy). So everything is okay and good.
~ A master at my store.

Thus everything you know and everything you don't know; and everyting you can see, hear, touch, taste and smell, and everything you can't see, hear, touch, taste and smell is God (linguistically), which I like to call Para Brahma, the assimilation of all forms of known and unknown energy (Atma) in one, that is constantly cycling and recycling eternally.

So, in simple terms, I am god, you are god, everything is god. That number 330 million is just a number to identify the enormity of the number that we do not even know. The known universe has 1079 atomic particles by today's scientific observation. During the time of the ancients, they could only identify 330 million various things that were found in nature. Hence the large number 330 million. It doesn't really mean 330 followed by 6 zeros, it just means that it is a very large number, perhaps a gogool, which is 10100 or a gogoolplex which is 10gogool. We don't know, but what we know is they are all in different form of energy of waves that gives them a certain state of matter and/or level of radiation for us to acknowledge THAT Universal Truth - Kali.

The Universe (again known and unknown), is contantly vibrating - the spiritual realm - and each vibration creates this wave which materializes everthing we know to have been in existense - the physical realm or the state matter. And in "Language" we call this vibration "OM".

However, over time, many cultures and human soceities have given names to such forms of energy and forces of nature, that people have begun to infact recognize them as god and divine presence, that directly or indirectly, and knowingly or unknowingly affects and effects, every moment of our life and that of all known and unknown things and organisms. Here, I have attempted to compile such names.

Monday September 02, 2007.